Wild Divine ~ Sacred Mystery of the Divine Feminine [ BALANCE | 平衡 ]

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Wild Divine 是極具女性氣質的噴霧。它釋放限制,並揭示你作為神聖女性的編碼頻率,使它們與我們的行星進化達到有目的的平衡。這支噴霧鼓勵你擁抱再生週期,植根於超然純潔的自信之中。

指導屬性 平衡

  • 代表神聖女性療癒的靈性香氣
  • 承認自己是一個多維存在,並因接納而喜悅
  • 通過注入靈魂的溫暖、激情和對生活的熱情,重拾女性本能
  • 主權振動、女性本質、力量和聲音的煉金術
  • 促進體內平衡,,讓你孿生自我完全結合
  • 為心之療癒創造神聖靜默空間

圖騰 章魚 🐙

  • 神聖女性的奧秘
  • 接地能量
  • 靈活、適應性強、敏捷、創意、聰明
  • 接納與再生

香氣  深沉而複雜的花香,讓你禁不住蔓妙起舞,與誘人的泥土香相平衡,喚醒你內心的流浪玫瑰

PureHeart Alchemy 創作筆記

「我們 ❤️ 把這噴霧當香水!Wild Divine 擁有華麗、誘人和濃郁的花香,使它成為一款美麗、非常女性化的香氣。​​我們把它放在客廳桌子上,在離家之前往身體和衣服噴一圈!」


愛、野生泉水、生物動力花卉和寶石精華、有機增溶劑(椰子和杏仁)、精油、24K 單原子金、強化水晶


西番蓮、曇花、腋唇蘭、Sanscrit Rose、Madrake


花梨木、 橙花、快樂鼠尾草、雲杉、波旁天竺葵、岩蘭草、西印度檀香、茉莉

100 毫升

* 注意:懷孕期間應謹慎使用,使用精油前請諮詢你的健康顧問

Wild Divine is a myst for revealing the heart of Womanhood. It releases limitations and reveals the Encoded Frequencies of your Divine Feminine, bringing them into purposeful balance with our planetary evolution. This Myst encourages the embracing of a rebirth cycle, which is grounded in the transcendental purity of self-belief.


  • A Spiritual Scent that represents the Healing of the Divine Feminine
  • Tasting the receptive joys of acknowledging oneself as a multi-dimensional being
  • Reclaims womanly instincts with a vital infusion of soul-warmth, passion and a zest for life
  • Unveiling the Alchemical equality of Sovereign vibration, feminine essence, power and voice
  • A scent of Homeostasis, allowing full-union with your eternal twin-self
  • Creating a Sacred space for sacred silence for porous-heart healing harmonics


  • Sacred mystery of the Divine Feminine
  • Grounded energy
  • Flexible, adaptable, agile, creative, intelligent
  • Acceptance and regeneration 

SCENT ~ deep and complex floral scent encouraging you to dance artfully, balanced with seductive earthy notes which are an exotic balm to the wandering Rose of your Aroused Spirit

A note from PureHeart Alchemy

" We ❤️ this Myst as a perfume! Wild Divine has a gorgeous, alluring and deeply floral aroma which makes it a beautiful, and very feminine, scent. We leave it on the hall table and spray it around the body and clothes before we glide out the door!"


Love, Wild Spring Water, Biodynamic Flower and Gemstone Essences, Organic Solubiliser (Coconut and Almond), Essential Oils, 24K Gold Ormus, Potentiated Crystals

Flower Essences
Passionflower ~ Night Queen ~ Sanscrit Rose ~ Coconut Orchid ~ Madrake

Essential Oils
Rosewood ~ Neroli ~ Clary Sage ~ Spruce ~ Geranium Bourbon ~ Vetiver ~Amyris Wood ~ Jasmine


* NOTE: Caution should be used during pregnancy - please seek advice from your health professional before use of essential oils