Pureheart Alchemy 淳心煉金所

About Pureheart Alchemy 

Capturing the grand design of Divinity~in~Nature, Pureheart Alchemy continues the Shamanic practice of bottling the energetic healing essence of the great teacher plants of the ages.

Pureheart Alchemy strives for excellence, to create the most beautiful and harmonious vehicles for experiencing the wisdom of the plants, with the lightest footprint possible on Mother Earth. 

From 'Seed to Scent', we lovingly grow our flower essence plants in our own garden, and each batch of Pureheart Alchemy creations are hand-crafted with care. In alignment with our values, we choose consciously at each stage of the journey, so that our plant creations are high in quality, purity and integrity.  

About Pureheart Alchemy Mysts

Pureheart Alchemy Mysts are beautifying aromas to uplift the senses as well as high frequency 'state' changers - healing body, mind and soul...

Working with your Subtle-Body-Centres, these living flower essence combinations create shifts in your Auric field. Just as ripples move on a pond, the flowers, oils and frequencies contained in these bottles shift your experience at an energetic level, moving like liquid consciousness, assisting you to make better choices from a heightened state of awareness.

Pureheart Alchemy Mysts work in the following ways:
- calm your emotions
- raise your frequency
- stabilise an overactive mind
- presence you to the moment
- release nervous tension and anxiety
- shift your energetic 'state' in a second
- open your chakras for deeper meditation
- deliver the Cosmic information of plants
- connect you with your Higher Self
- remove energetic attachments
- ground and centre your body

From the subtle to the dense, our healing begins at the higher realms of Spirit and flows on 'down' to our physical bodies.  Flower essences capture this higher vibrational energy, assisting us by raising our personal frequency and grounding us for healing. 

Each Pureheart Alchemy Myst holds 3-4 flower essences, which form a unique pattern, along with light-sound-wave frequencies, and essential oils, all of which have been embedded into a wild spring water base.  

What makes Pureheart Alchemy Mysts different 

Ingredient quality and purity is vitally important to us and we take great care when choosing what goes into every bottle...  ( see full descriptions here

🤎 Bio-dynamically-grown Rare Medicinal Flower Essences
🤎 Therapeutic Grade and Certified Organic essential and carrier oils
🤎 World Heritage Blue Mountains Wild Spring Water
🤎 Solfeggio and Light-Sound-Wave Geometry Frequencies 

🤎 24K Gold Ormus

🤎 Violet Miron Glass from The Netherlands

How to choose a Myst

Your intuition is your best guide so trust the signs your body presents. Scan the label and let your Spiritual Intelligence guide you with:

- a visual attraction to the Activating Image

- a resonance with the Archetypal Name

- a desire for the Character Attribute

- an affinity with the Totem

- a calling to a flower