Sacred Creation jewelry & healing instruments

We design and create sacred geometric instruments, which we make portable, or wearable, in the form of healing jewelry. Our instruments make a bridge between dimensions through sacred geometry. Through this bridge, it becomes easier for higher dimensional beings and your higher self to make contact with you. So their energies and answers can flow into our dimension.

In short, sacred geometry is an energetic amplifier on multiple dimensions. What you put in is what you get out, amplified. Every design of us, amplifies it in its own way. Some with a more subtle loving energy, others with a more grounding energy.

Some of our designs amplify certain energies a lot stronger than others, they resonate with a specific energy field. Other designs are more balanced and give you exactly what you need at that specific time.

But they all have something in common. They’re all a Sacred Creation.

We’ve learned that sacred geometry can accelerate and assist a (spiritual) growth process, which works differently for each person. We therefore can’t tell you how it will assist you, but we can confidently say that it will help you in a way.

Based in Netherlands.