Sacred Body Rituals

At Sacred Body Rituals we practice deep LOVE for Palo Santo - Bursera Graveolens. We are honored to have received the calling to work with this magical plant.  We are mystified every day by this incredible wood, not only by it's healing power & sublime aroma, but also by the incredible community growing worldwide inspired & connected by this plant.

 Besides the oils’ powerful cathartic qualities, the high concentration of limonene in the resin means Palo Santo oil has some very practical uses as well, those include:

Detoxifier & Immune Enhancer- The properties found in Palo Santo are known to calm the nervous system & support the immune system.  They can turn off inflammatory responses from poor diet, pollution, stress & illness. They can also help to recover from illness, fatigue & emotional pain.

De- Stressor & Relaxant – It is a grounding & centering oil that supports emotional & spiritual health.  It turns on the body’s relaxation responses & reduces panic, anxiety & insomnia.

Headache Remedy – Palo Santo oil combats migraines & stress related headaches, by lowering inflammation & increases blood flow.

Cold / Flu Remedy – antibiotic properties fight infections & viruses. It can improve blood circulation & recharges energy level. Also decreases the severity of feelings of dizziness, congestion & nausea.

Joint & Muscle Pain Remedy – Lowers pain from arthritis, injuries, chronic neck or back pain & sore muscles.

Bug / Mosquito Repellent – Used as an incense the smoke keeps away mosquitoes, the oil added to a spray is also an effective natural deterrent.

Allergy Remedy – Palo Santo oil also lowers inflammation & body’s response to histamines. It also fights seasonal allergies, digestive issues & asthma related symptoms.