Creature Comforters Pet Blend

Creature Comforters® six Pet Blends® are used to help address the key emotional and behavioural problems experienced by animals, naturally.

​​Simply add to food, water or treats. 100% natural ingredients. 
​Used by vets, trainers and people with their pets for over 25 years.

Natural, gentle & easy to use:

  • Used by trainers to help with behavioural problems
  • Treat the root of the problem; not just masking the problem
  • Simply add drops to food, water or treats
  • Used by vets to help with emotional problems
  • Suitable for all animals, large or small, young or old
  • NO artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
  • Using Flower Essences established for over 80 years
  • 100% FREE from drugs and chemicals
  • Pet Blends® used worldwide for over 25 years