Juniper Mist

Goodbye Negative Energy - Hello Peace Calm & Bliss

Are you looking for a powerful and effective way to center yourself and find peace in a crazy world?

Are you adamant about using only natural, healthy products in your life that are free of toxins and chemicals?

Do you love the idea of using aromatic plants such as sage, palo santo, lavender, cedar and juniper to assist you on your journey?

Have you tried burning sage but don't enjoy the smoke and mess?

If so you are in the right place! At JUNIPERMIST we pride ourselves on creating the world's finest, healthiest and most effective smokeless smudging products.

All of our products are designed in Sedona and handmade with love from our family to yours. 

Our Story Begins In Sedona…

A land revered as sacred by humans who walked this earth hundreds, if not thousands of years before us. An enchanting place of otherworldly beauty and rich spiritual history.

We worked as a wilderness guides in this special place. Our adventures would frequently carry us and our clients out into the wild desert landscape, far from civilization where we could commune with the raw forces of nature and the transformational energy of this unique land. 

The dry environment and frequent fire bans in Sedona forbid the burning of sacred cleansing plants such as sage, cedar and palo santo which were very important to the meditations and ceremonies we facilitated.

We became turned on to the idea of formulating our own "smokeless cleansing sprays" and soon put our blends to the test. They were the perfect solution and became a necessary tool in our work.

Powered By Purpose

It’s our intention that by making products with the highest quality ingredients and the utmost integrity to the Earth—we can pass on to you a little bit of mother nature’s magic in each and every bottle.

We donate 10% of all profits to the Wilderness Society each year in an effort to protect the wild places where we feel most at home.