Return Policy

【 顧客需知 】




顧客倘發現所收貨品有不合理質量問題,或者獲配送貨品與所買不匹配,可在簽收貨品後 14 天內清楚拍攝該貨品的問題部分申請退換貨。不過,本店謝絕完美主義者、退貨詐騙分子,貨品原裝包裝外盒出現合理瑕疵等申請,恕不受理。


當顧客申請退換貨後,本店會酌情處理,但保留最終決定權。在本店接納退換貨申請後,顧客必須在 14 天內寄回有關貨品,相關郵費需由顧客承擔。本店在收回貨品後,會盡快安排退換貨,而任何運費不設退款,敬請留意。



【 Customer Notice 】

Product Images and Descriptions: 

Our store is committed to ensuring that all product images and related descriptions on the website are correct. However, there may be differences in colour configuration between different cameras and smartphone screens, and product descriptions may not be comprehensive. If there are any mistakes, please let us know. Our store reserves the right to make corrections without further notice.

Return Policy: 

If customers find that the goods received have unreasonable quality problems or if the delivered goods do not match what was purchased, they can apply for a return or exchange by clearly photographing the problematic part of the goods within 14 days after receiving them. However, our store does not accept applications from perfectionists, return fraudsters, or applications for reasonable defects in the original packaging of the goods.

Return Process: 

After customers apply for a return or exchange, our store will handle it at its discretion but reserves the right to make the final decision. After our store accepts the application for return or exchange, customers must send back the relevant goods within 14 days, and customers are responsible for any related postage. Our store will arrange for a return or exchange as soon as possible after receiving the goods. Please note that shipping fees are non-refundable.

*If there is any ambiguity between the Chinese and English versions of this customer notice, the Chinese version shall prevail.