Flower of Life | Green Aventurine & Tiger's Eye | Web of Prosperity Vibe Catcher

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This gold-plated grid features genuine prosperity crystals to draw in money, luck and opportunity. It activates the abundance corner but is also beneficial in the family and creativity quadrants. 

Sacred Geometry

Flower of Life - symbolizes life's interconnectedness, contains codes and secrets of the universe, wearing the symbol or having it in your space can bring deep feelings of harmony and healing 


Green Aventurine 東陵石- a prosperity stone of luck and creativity, heals the heart, brings good fortune

Tiger's Eye 虎眼石 -  draw in abundance, especially in the form of money, aids courage, strength and leadership, protective, grounding

The Do's: 

- cleanse regularly with your preferred method (sacred smoke, white light visualizations, bells, singing bowls, Reiki, etc.) 

- detangle the strands as needed 

- promptly wipe any fingerprints after handling to avoid damaging the delicate gold-plated surfaces (a microfiber cloth is best) 

- hang from ceiling hooks, secured nails, or reusable 'Command Hooks' with sticky backs (best for lighter/smaller vibes) 

- use as a visualization and manifestation tool to call in your best life

The Dont's: 

- keep away from water and high humidity to preserve the integrity of the gold-plating 

- do not leave outside 

- avoid hanging in windy areas 

- keep out of reach of small children and animals 

- be mindful of hanging overhead where it may fall or cause injury