Way of the Panda Tarot: Dream Edition

  • $388.00

一套「熊貓視角」的偉特塔羅,帶你走魔幻現實的熊貓世界,以熊貓角度詮釋人生,了解塔羅的奧義,包括 78 張塔羅牌及 Wild Card “ Dream Space “。附有 74 頁迷你說明書,適合新手學習塔羅,加入關鍵字," Panda Quotes "  及 “ Panda Messages " 及 3 款牌陣。

7cm x 12 cm,350gsm 高質量卡紙,光滑啞面印刷。

About the Deck

Way of the Panda is a Rider-Waite-inspired deck, reimagining tarot archetypes through the perspective of pandas, vivid scenes of nature as well as elements of magical realism. Through the 78 cards of tarot, the pandas from the Panda Kingdom will show you how to walk the adorable Way of the Panda and just how panda-tastic your life can be.


The Dream Edition of Way of the Panda Tarot comes with 79 cards (standard 78 cards + 1 wild card “Dream Space”) printed on 7 x 12cm, 350gsm high quality cardstock with smooth matte lamination - all tucked into a lovely top-down box.


Every deck also comes with the “Little Black & White Book” - a 74-paged mini guidebook that contains a basic introduction to tarot to jumpstart your tarot adventures if you’re a beginner, and includes keywords + short “panda quotes” or “panda messages” for each card for quick definition references…as well as 3 panda themed tarot spreads! 🐼