Walking to the Earth’s Rhythm 大地頻行

Walking to the Earth’s Rhythm 大地頻行

Living Tree Orchid Essences

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這個花精有兩個相互連結的過程,首先是回到 DNA 的原始能量印記。當許多磁力跟其他電子能量干擾到以太結構時,這個花精可特別修復喉輪的以太母體的陳舊裂痕,接下來就發現自己和諧地伴著地球律動而行。


單方學名:芭菲爾鞋蘭 ( Paph. St. Swithin ) 

There are two interconnected processes of this essence. The first is a return to the original energetic imprint of our DNA. Many magnetic and other electronic forces disturb this etheric fabric. This essence works specifically to repair very old ruptures within the etheric matrix of the throat chakra.

In step two, we find that we are walking in harmony with the rhythm of the Earth herself. This is a calming and soothing essence good for helping one to gently come back to earth after deep meditations. Learn how to walk, and where to walk by 'listening with the feet'.