Vital Core 活力核心

Vital Core 活力核心

Living Tree Orchid Essences

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( Phragmipedium besseae 鬍拉密鞋蘭 ) 





15ml 滴瓶,含花精和干邑白蘭地來保存。

用法:口服,每天一至兩次,每次 3 滴。

Vital Core is strongly energizing of the Root and 2nd chakras, as well as the gall bladder meridian. While having some activity on the Crown, Throat and Heart chakras, its action is primarily in the two lower chakras whereby it provides a strong 'get up & go' effect. The effect on the 2nd chakra is intriguing: though energizing, it is not a sexual energizing. It helps to release stored / blocked energies, including stored negative energies, and thereby helps to resolve shadow aspects of the Sacral chakra. In this way, it seeks to restore the natural sacredness of the 2nd chakra.

Vital Core works at levels beyond that of Sacral Release; it can be a good idea to work with the latter first, and then to follow up with some days of Vital Core. In some respects Vital Core can be seen and used as a potent yang counterpoint to the yin qualities of Celestial Siren, which was made the same week in November 2009.

Phragmipedium besseae is a species of slipper orchid which was discovered in Peru in 1981. In our process of making this essence, the orchid requested to have the process take place largely in the evening and into the dark of the night. A full moon on that clear night shone through the partially-curtained window, its beam upon the orchid and the bowl of water. This not only brought out the yang qualities of the orchid, but also enabled it to better access the shadow aspects of our lower chakras.