Unconditional Love 無條件的愛

Unconditional Love 無條件的愛

Living Tree Orchid Essences

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- 單方學名:Phragmipedium schlimii, Phragmipedium Desormes & Emerald 鬍拉密鞋蘭與綠寶石

- 15ml滴瓶,含花精和干邑白蘭地來保存。原廠標示保存期限:10年。 

There is a yearning in the soul to re-connect with our ultimate source, with Being which is beyond our understanding. A key step on that journey towards what some call the Divine, is to drop any pattern we may have of only conditionally opening our hearts to others. This essence helps us to dissolve the defensive emotional barriers we have constructed, and invites the heart to be open with love unconditionally. Only when the heart has re-learnt this way of being, are we then able to move forward on the next step, which is described with the essence Love’s Gift.