True Beauty 真實之美

True Beauty 真實之美

Living Tree Orchid Essences

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這支花精的核心是 Call of Beauty 及 Purity of Soul,此二花精都和美的理念和能量有著深刻的連結。 Just Me 和 Clearing the Way 讓美麗煥發自信。再加入 True Connections,讓組合再昇華至新的層次。這個配方帶來對自己真實之美的謙卑體驗,而這種美與別人是相通的。

許多年前,蘭花花精製作者 Don 在一場音樂會上看到了一位 70 多歲的女人,直到今天,她還是他見過的最美麗的女人。她容光煥發,內心的光芒讓他屏住了呼吸。 三十年來,他一直無法說出那種美是什麼,直到體驗到這種本質。真到與母酊一起冥想的時候,他忽然想起了那個女人,以及她那非凡的光芒。這支花精傳達了一種精緻的美感,是我們與天使和星光存在的連結,而那個女人多年前就是體現了這種能量。

曾有一位使用者在服用此花精後,不斷聽到天使的音樂,沐浴在白金星星雨中。在調配這個組合的那個晚上,Don 也在夢到自己在學習重新製作這個花精 -- 因為它們早已在天堂出現了。

True Beauty 使人能夠看到每人內心靈性與存有的深層美,並開始體現來自星光的優雅。

備兩款 100mL 空間噴霧。 

This essence has Rising to the Call of Beauty and Purity of Soul at its core, two essences which are deeply connected to the idea and energy of Beauty. Just Me and Clearing the Way help that beauty to glow with confidence. But with the addition of True Connections, the combination reaches an entirely new level, to the realm of Celestial Beauty. It brings a humbling experience of the truth of the beauty in oneself, and the same truth of beauty in others.

Many years ago Don saw a woman at a public concert who was in her 70's, who to this day was the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. She was radiant with an inner glow that took his breath away. In all these 30 years since he has never been able to state just what that beauty was like, until experiencing this essence. When meditating on the mother tincture, he suddenly recalled that woman and her extraordinary glow. This essence conveys an exquisite beauty we would associate more readily with angels and other celestial beings. And yet that woman all those years ago embodied this very energy.

One person upon taking this essence, and each time after, kept hearing angelic music, and was bathed in a shower of white and gold stars. The night after this combination was created, Don was told in a dream that we are in fact learning to re-make these orchid essences, as they have already been made in heaven.

True Beauty enables us to see the deep beauty of spirit and Being that is in each one of us, and to begin to embody that celestial grace.