Spirit Cats Deck

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Oracle deck consisting of 48 inspirational cards to bring you peace, connection, and clarity. Each card has a hand-painted Spirit Cat printed on one side and a unique healing message on the other.

  • See a situation or yourself in a new light
  • Find healing during emotionally challenging times
  • Get clarity and make confident decisions
  • Connect with your dreams and desires
  • Be more playful and creative
  • Create a simple and peaceful daily ritual


  1. Close your eyes. Breathe. Be still.
  2. Ask a question like: What energy will support me today? What energy will help me start writing my novel or living my dream? What energy will bring healing to my relationship? What will help me feel happier right now? What is the message for today? What will help me get through this challenging time? Or anything you can dream up.
  3. Pick a card. Reflect on the picture and read the inspirational message. What insights does this spark for you? What actions can you take to embody this wisdom in your day, your week, your life?
  4. Keep the card with you for the day, put it where you will see it often, or simply put it back in the deck and carry it in your thoughts. There is no wrong way to do this.


- Card Size: 3.75”x3.75”
- Rigid, sturdy 2-part box
- Rounded corners
- Thick, matte cards

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