Shadow Defense 陰影防禦

Shadow Defense 陰影防禦

Living Tree Orchid Essences

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這是三個花精的複方包括:Shadow Warrior 幫助我們在生活中不會被自己的陰影面主導,Pushing Back The NIght 來加強與增加內在校正,帶給能量支援的聖殿,以及 Defender from the Dark 保衛上述的校正過程,防止外在黑暗影響的介入。這個花精可保護我們對抗內外的陰影元素。

備有 15mL 滴瓶。

Shadow Defense is a combination of 3 essences: Defender from the Dark, Pushing Back the Night and Shadow Warrior. The latter helps us to not have our shadow side be dominant in our daily life, whilst Pushing Back the Night brings a powerful temple of energetic support to this process through strengthening & heightening our inner alignment. Defender from the Dark provides protection to this inner process, preventing exterior dark influences from interfering. In other words, this essence combination provides us with protection against both inner and outer shadow elements.