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肯定語( Affirmations) 力量很大,對自己重複肯定語,鼓勵我們温和地對待自己,帶來正面轉變。當我們對自己想法更加覺察,以温柔及開放的態度重複肯定語,可以影響我們的情緒、行為、以至整個生命的經驗。

澳洲品牌 Musings from the Moon 創作的這副 Affirmations Cards,希望為你及你親愛的朋友,帶來和平、舒心與喜悅。


- 45 張卡

- 鍍金硬盒

- 木製卡片底座

- 指引書

- 鍍金卡背

- 大豆油墨印刷

- 優質印刷,精美耐用


Affirmations are simple statements that we repeat to ourselves to encourage self-kindness and positive change. By becoming aware of our thoughts and repeating supportive Affirmations with a gentle and open attitude, we can influence our emotions, our actions and our entire experience of life.

Australian brand Musings from the Moon  designed this gentle pack of Affirmation Cards with the intention of inspiring peace, ease and joy within you and those you love.


- 45 Card Deck  

- Gold Foil Box

- Wooden Stand included

-  Guide Booklet 

- Beautiful, long lasting quality

- Gold Foil detail on back of cards

- Printed with Soy Ink