Sacred Space Clearing Room Mist (50mL travel size)

Sacred Space Clearing Room Mist (50mL travel size)

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Sacred Space Clearing Room Mist 50ml purifies and clears stressful or ‘stuck’ energy in the home and workplace. Use Sacred Space to cleanse your space, promote a sense of grounding and stimulate creativity.

The pure essential oils of Rose and Frankincense release a delicate fine fragrance to enhance harmonious vibrations.

Sacred Space can:-

  • be used in the work place where undesired energy emitted from computers and colleagues can affect your own stress levels
  • be used in the home to promote a sense of harmony
  • be ideal prior to meditation and other mindful practices such as yoga and healing to clear the way for deep relaxation and presence
  • help restore calm and tranquillity
  • create a more positive atmosphere in which to work, meditate or simply “be”
  • help us to centre, ground and feel empowered
  • invigorate elemental vital life force energy

The Elemental Essences in this mist help re-store the balance of the elements within the body and strengthen the receptivity of life force or prana in the related chakra.

Sacred Space Clearing Room Mist 100ml was created to purify the Sanctuary, a meditation room and place of ceremonial rituals.

Lovingly hand-made in the North of Scotland by our small family team.


A Natural room mist of aromatic waters blessed with energetic imprints of nature and essences.

Directions: Shake well before use. Spray this mist in the four sacred directions of the room you wish to clear and/or bless.

Ingredients: Water, Emulsifan, Essential Oils of Rose and Frankincense, Energetic Vibration of Air, Earth, Ether, Fire and Water Essences.

Store: In a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

Warning: Do not ingest or apply to skin.