Sacred Sage ~ Cleansing Myst of Spirit and Space [ WISDOM | 智慧 ]

PureHeart Alchemy

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Sacred Sage 鼓勵你活成自己的神諭——平衡你的「戰士模式」和「靈魂模式」。 Sacred Sage 清理情緒碎片,並鼓勵你連結神聖的智慧。

指導屬性 智慧

  • 淨化和清理一個人內在與外在環境
  • 開啟你人生機會的內在通道
  • 深化呼吸與心臟之間的關係
  • 解救疲乏心靈,從虛擬的混亂轉入崇高光芒
  • 擴大內在空間與外在滿足

圖騰  貓頭鷹 🦉

  • 辨別細微奧秘的能力
  • 秘密使者
  • 影子和光之間的聯繫
  • 沉默的智慧

氣味 松樹林的清新氣味將頻率轉換為神聖空間,而深沉的木質尾調,使人沉穩,直覺清晰。

PureHeart Alchemy 創作筆記

「我們任何時候都 ❤️ Sacred Sage!這款噴霧是我們最好的淨化工具。每次與一大群人相處、身處壓力環境或感受到奇怪能量後、或是感到與中心脫離,我們就會大量噴灑,這會讓我們感到振奮及煥然一新。」


愛、野生泉水、生物動力花卉和寶石精華、有機伏特加、有機增溶劑(椰子和杏仁)、精油、24K 單原子金、強化水晶






* 注意:懷孕期間應謹慎使用,使用精油前請諮詢你的健康顧問

Sacred Sage encourages you to live as your own Oracle - balancing your Ceremonial warrior with your soul-seeking Seer. Sacred Sage clears emotional debris and encouraging you to access your Divine Wisdom.


  • Purifies and cleanses one’s Inner and outer environments
  • Opening the inner channel to the opportunities of your life’s offerings
  • Deepens the relationship between the breath and the heart
  • Relieves a tired mind, allowing one to shift from virtual chaos to sublime light
  • Expanding inner space and outer contentment

TOTEM ~ Owl 🦉

  • Ability to discern subtle mysterier
  • Messenger of secrets
  • Link between shadow and light
  • Wisdom of silence

SCENT ~ fresh scent of a pine forest enables the vibrational shift into Sacred space, while the deep woody finish brings intuitive clarity through stillness.

Notes from PureHeart Alchemy

" We ❤️ Sacred Sage ANYTIME! This Myst is the best cleansing tool we have. We spray liberally after being with large groups, or have been in stressful situations or strange energies, if we are feeling disconnected from our centre or just need an uplifting, refreshing shift in our energy field."


Love, Wild Spring Water, Biodynamic Flower and Gemstone Essences, Organic vodka, Organic Solubiliser (Coconut and Almond), Essential Oils, 24K Gold Ormus, Potentiated Crystals

Flower Essences
Snake Vine ~ Cactus ~ Horova ~ Mapacho ~ Apothecary Rose 

Essential Oils
Fir Needle ~ Rosewood ~ Rose Geranium ~ Sage ~ Lime ~ Cedarwood ~ Palo Santo ~ Ylang Ylang


* NOTE: Caution should be used during pregnancy - please seek advice from your health professional before use of essential oils