Rebel Deck

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裡面的訊息你未必想知 --但又很需要知。

問問 Rebel Deck 你當下最需要知道什麼,它會直截了當的告訴你 --解畫也是多餘。

  • 60 張牌,58 張訊息牌,一張指示牌及一張封面牌
  • 330gsm 優質卡紙
  • 呎吋:3” x 5”
  • 硬卡紙盒

The Original REBEL Deck is quick, dirty + direct. They have the messages you may not want to hear, but need to hear. This deck is rebellious, foul-mouthed and raw. Ask the card what you need to know RIGHT NOW. These messages will tell it like it is - no interpretation needed. 

  • 60 total cards
  • 58 message cards, 1 cover card and 1 instruction card
  • For the "Here and Now"
  • Premium Card Stock 330gsm Black Core
  • Each card measures approx. 3"x5"
  • Shrinkwrapped Matte Tuck Box