The Flourishing Oracle

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 Includes 44 cards + guidebook

This deck is about flourishing and growing in your own time. A tool to help you tune into yourself and your energy and get the insights you need.
Each deck Susana Tavares creates has the purpose of guiding one in a gentle way, to  help one connect with his/her essence, purity and tenderness. We all need that in our lives, right!

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店長介紹文 💁‍♀️
許多客人認識 Susana Taraves,都由 Inner-child Love Oracle 開始,這副 The Flourishing Oracle 可以說是「升級版」,延續 Inner-child Love Oracle 的童話風,The Flourishing Oracle 整體畫面更明媚温暖,據 Susana 形容,像春天一樣充滿生機。
這是一副有關 Growth and Flourishing 的牌,如果 Inner-child Love 讓人看到自己在內在小孩與初心,The Flourishing Oracle 是陪你挽著初心成長、迎接蓬勃的作品。
全副 44 張牌,附有 guidebook -- 買過 Inner-child Love Oracle 的客人都說,Susana 的作品看似 childish,仔細閱讀訊息滿有深意。