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POESIS is a collection of 77 cards that is designed to called us within when we have questions, trusting that we already have all the answers in the centre of our being. The cards combine art and poetry to help cultivate one's own intuitive abilities when it come to decision making, knowing that our intuition can be a dependable source of guidance.

77 cards, comes with an instruction sheet. 

How to use POESIS

There are 77 cards in the deck, each representing a different stage or experience, and altogether they make up a life’s journey. While each card carries its own significant energy, there’s no one definite way to look at it. How you interpret the words and images is more important than its universal, societal signification.  Some words and images might bring back a past memory, remind of a specific person, or reflect our hopes and fears.  Notice the first insights that came to mind, feel how they are trying to speak to you and consider how that ties into your personal experience. To begin, we invite you to pull a few cards and start forming a narrative with the words. 

It’s important to understand the ancient wisdom “As above, so below; as within so without” - what we experience in the external world is a mirror of what is in the internal. In the same way, the words and images on the cards reflect our current energetic state. When we ask the cards for insights, we are really strengthening and working with our own inner guidance. The cards will highlight themes we should pay attention to regarding our questions, and when combined, they form a kind of poetry that resonates at the centre of our being.

For those who would like to dive deeper into each word and its significance, each card has a accompanying text written by poet and musician Megan King, visit the Poem Library for full text. 

Size: 2.75 x 4.75 in