Palo Santo Room, Cloth & Body Mist 聖木淨化除臭噴霧 (100mL)

Sacred Body Rituals

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  • 多用途,純天然,適用於身體、房間、床單、及車內
  • 可為瑜伽墊除臭
  • 適合淨化室內場所,房間或辦公室,以取代燃燒聖木




All-natural deodorizing spray carefully balanced & hand-blended.

Lovingly crafted by infusing fragrant and pure Palo Santo wood essence and our signature Palo Santo oil blend.

  • Multi-use and all-natural, for the body, room, linens, in car
  • Great for deodorizing yoga mats
  • Excellent to energetically clear rooms or offices where Palo Santo cannot be burned.

Palo Santo compounds are known for their calming and cleansing properties, and the scent is highly emotive and mood-boosting.

Directions: Lightly mist on the body, on linens, on your body, or in any space that would benefit from the healing properties and soothing scent of magical Palo Santo.