Oak 橡樹

Oak 橡樹

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他們對自己的職責很認真,但需要退後一步,讓自己有時間恢復。 負面狀態: 過度勞累/疲倦/認真/拼搏/工作狂 正面狀態: 力量/充電/耐力


Those who need Oak are dutiful, reliable, steady people who struggle-on bravely, despite overwhelming odds. They may be unaware of their growing exhaustion and therefore never regain their strength. They are serious about their duties but need to step back and allow themselves time to recoup. 

Negative emotion causing unhappiness:
Overworked / Tired / Serious / 'Brave struggle' / 'Workaholic'

​Positive emotion encouraged by the Essence:
Strength / Recharged / Endurance