My Personal Space Spray ( with Pure Rosewater)

Saskia's Flower Essences

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採用 Saskia 自己親自提煉的玫瑰花水,這支噴霧保護人免受他人能量及想法影響。



Yarrow - 靈性保護,免受其他人騷擾
Borage - 對生命中發生的事,處之泰然 
Walnut - 不被他人意見左右
Nettle - 緊守個人界線,堅持自己
Buttercup - 提升自信
Potentilla- 全然的愛你自己

Containing pure rosewater that Saskia has distilled herself from roses grown in Somerset. This beautifully scented award winning spray is great for times in life when you need to be protected from other people’s energy and what they are thinking. 

It is ideal for people who are bullied, people working in offices or living communally, coping with being in crowded places, long-haul flights, buses, trains and for anyone with weak boundaries.

Sprayed directly onto your face it will also refresh and revive your skin as it absorbs the renowned benefits of healing roses.

It contains the following essences:
Yarrow - for psychic protection, separation of self from others
Borage - for coping with all life throws at you in a calm way
Walnut - for protection from what others think of you
Nettle - for standing up for yourself and maintaining your boundaries
Buttercup - for increasing your self confidence
Potentilla- for loving yourself just as you are

Size: 30ml atomiser