Luna Sundara Premium Palo Santo Resins 優質聖木樹脂 (1oz/ 28g)

Luna Sundara

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- 聖木樹脂可單獨燃點(建議使用碳餅),也可混合聖木或其他淨化草藥和樹脂使用,如柯巴、乳香、薰衣草、沒藥、檀香等等。樹脂的特性令燻香時間更持久、香氣綿長,能量接地、寧靜

-  SERFOR (National Forest Service and Wildlife) 認證,聖木樹脂以可持續方式收集, Luna Sundara 只與符合道德、公平貿易及可持續生產方式的供應商合作,包裝 100% 可回收及生物降解

Meditate, relax and cleanse to the smoke of our high-quality Palo Santo resin.

  • This long-lasting Palo Santo resin can be burned by itself, as well as with Palo Santo wood, or mixed with other smudging herbs. When mixed, it acts as a flammable wax, keeping the herbs burning longer and releasing intensely aromatic waves of Palo Santo fragrance. It mixes well with substances such as copal, frankincense, lavender, myrrh and sandalwood.
  • Our premium Palo Santo resin is sustainably harvested and wrapped in 100% recyclable and biodegradable packaging.
  • When burned, the resin produces a fresh aromatic scent. Its purifying, grounding effects may help promote feelings of tranquility and peace.
  • SERFOR (National Forest Service and Wildlife) Certified

About Luna Sundara

Luna Sundara strives to improve the lives of people in small communities in Latin America. There are incredibly talented individuals in these communities that simply wish to share their talents with the world. Being able to provide for their families and the people in their communities give them independence and dignity. Luna Sundara is on a mission to support artisans, farmers, and community members.