Love's Secret 愛的秘密

Living Tree Orchid Essences

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*單方學名:Neomoorea irrorata,來自巴拿馬和哥倫比亞叢林低地,是這個屬的唯一種。


Love's secret is an essence derived from an orchid which is the sole specie of a monotypic genus, which means there is no orchid like this one. Such genera are generally reckoned to be remnants of a larger genus which was (nearly) killed off via various geological & meteorological events. As such this is likely to be a very ancient 'being', which is indeed what Don heard about this orchid in the night after the essence was made. It is from the lowland forests of Panama and Colombia. The orchid has a pungent smell akin to a female in sexual 'heat'.