Living Life Lightly

Living Life Lightly

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用法: 需要時服,舌下七滴;初使用者一天兩至三次

This essence blend is for those times when life feels dreary and joyless, when everything feels heavy and difficult and you are lacking interest in anything at all.

It is designed to bring in the light, to lift you up, to bring you back to a place where there is joy in the little things, to feel playful and full of love for those around you and for life in general.

In today’s turbulent times where so much feels difficult and uncertain it is hard to come from a place of love and joy, to not feel burdened by everything that’s happening in the world. After the last few years many of us are longing to feel light and free. This essence can help with bringing us to a place where our spirits feel lighter and more able to fly unrestrained into the future.


Edelweiss – opening to all that is, creating a new reality

Wild Rose – coming back to your heart

Harewell – realignment

Cowslip – joyful playfulness

Dandelion Seed – releasing expectations

Willow – moving forward with grace

East Water River – being in the flow

Size: 30ml

Suggest Use: Place seven drops under the tongue when needed