Karma Clear

Karma Clear

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yes  透過寬恕,轉化負面習氣 

yes  深刻的理解與慈悲 

yes  平定心智,產生更多的愛與善 




用法: 每天3次,每次7滴,滴於舌下。一瓶可用3-4周



Release the past and the tensions that bring pain, suffering and unhappiness 

yes  transform negative karmic patterns by the power of forgiveness 

yes  greater understanding and compassion for yourself and others 

yes  stabilise your mind and generate more love and kindness 

  free yourself from the harmful energy that judgements carry 

  reacting to events rather than taking positive action 

  weighed down by the heavy, dark energy of negative karma

Dose directions: 7 drops under the tongue, 3 times per day. Each bottle lasts for 3 to 4 weeks

Karma Clear is made by combining flower essences of Birch, Cherry, Elf Cup Lichen, Holy Thorn, Rowan and Snowdrop.

Birch - insight through broadening your perception and understanding

Snowdrop - optimism; transformation through surrender and detachment

Rowan - release resentment and pain; forgive and heal the past

Holy Thorn- open the heart to love and acceptance 

Cherry - transcend inherited karmic predispositions

Elf Cup Lichen - clear and cleanse deep-seated emotional trauma