Holy Grail

Holy Grail

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yes 了解及表達你的直覺靈感與智慧 

yes  連結真我,覺察自己注意力所在 

yes  領會身體及思想所展現的幽微合一意識 






Body, Speech and Mind in synthesis and rightful expression 

yes  Realise and express your intuitive inspiration and wisdom 

yes  Connect to your true self and be mindful in your attention 

yes  Your subtle, unified consciousness revealed through your mind and body 

Not grounded or connected in your body and with environment 

Wandering mind and busy body degrades your power and potential 

Wavering connection with your whole self limits your creativity and expression

This essence is believed to contain the energetic vibration of: Balsam, Globethistle, Lady's Mantle and Rose Alba. 

Balsam - TENDERNESS - nurture yourself and others through love and intimacy, overcome feelings of separateness, emanate and attract warmth and tenderness

Globethistle -STRENGTH - connect with your powers of patience, persistence and perseverance, letting go of unnecessary burdens will set you free and ultimately serves the highest good

Rose Alba - POWER - connect with your creative power, trust and follow your intuition, speak and act from your inner authority

Lady's Mantle - AWARENESS - bring to light all your inherent power and intelligence, dissipate false impressions in awareness and cognition by bridging the mind-body connection