Holly 冬青 " acceptance "

Holly 冬青 " acceptance "

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用於強烈的憤怒、嫉妒甚至仇恨情緒。這些人可以做出非常防禦性的反應,但是,這些感覺通常似乎沒有明顯的原因,因為它們有時並不總是針對特定的人、團體或事件,或因任何事觸發。 冬青負面狀態的人們常常不知道他們為什麼會有這種感覺。





Used for strong feelings of anger, jealousy and even hate. People needing Holly can react very defensively, however, often there seems no discernable reason for these feelings as they are not always directed at - or as a consequence of - a particular person, group or incident. People in the 'Holly' state often do not know why they feel this way. 

Negative emotion causing unhappiness:
Anger / Jealousy / Revenge / Hostility

​Positive emotion encouraged by the Essence:
​Acceptance / Love / Forgiveness