Gorse 荊豆 " renewed hope "

Gorse 荊豆 " renewed hope "

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憂鬱、心淡。需要荊豆的人沒有動力去改變他們的處境,他們不相信未來會有改善空間。 他們不會向別人求助,一方面是害怕為他人帶來不便,另一方面是由衷地相信沒有人能夠提供幫助。





Used for feeling mired in a dormant state of melancholy. People who need Gorse are unmotivated to change their situation believing that there is absolutely no prospect for improvement.
​Neither will they seek help from others, either through fear of inconveniencing them or because they genuinely believe no one is able to help. 

Negative emotion causing unhappiness:
Disheartened / Given up hope of change

Positive emotion encouraged by the Essence:
Renewed hope / Faith