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Saskia's Flower Essences

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Nan's Polyanthus- 幫助開展任何計劃

Weld - 看見大藍圖的能力

Carrot- 提高組織力,貼近目標

Buttercup - 充滿自信地創造

Blackberry– 推行及落實構想

Clematis – 停止白日夢


This award winning energising essence blend is for unblocking creativity and helping with procrastination.

Ideal as a study aid, for starting projects you have been putting off or anytime you are in need of a push to get going.


Nan's Polyanthus- to kick start any project

Weld - provides an overview , keeping the whole picture in mind

Carrot- helps with organisation so that you can reach you goals

Buttercup - to be confidently creative

Blackberry– for pushing forward and grounding your ideas

Clematis – to help stop daydreaming


Size: 30mL

Vodka based.