Fire of Life 生命之火

Living Tree Orchid Essences

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單方學名:Masdevallia ignea 三尖瓣蘭,哥倫比亞

* 15ml 滴瓶,以干邑白蘭地保存

The Fire of Life is the masculine complement to Furnace of of Life. Its yang energy helps the highest of universal energies to incarnate into consciousness, and sets this energy flowing into the centre of one's being.

Fire of Life gives courage and purpose to the journey of the soul. It is the Yang energy to the yin energy of Furnace of Life. In observing the bloom of this orchid, it is remarkable how attractive it is to those who feel oppressed, suppressed or unable to express themselves.

Fire of Life will breathe new life into the (dwindling) flames of the Ming Men point, thereby strengthening the will of the individual to make choices more in line with highest universal intentions, providing a revitalised opportunity to fulfil ones deepest spiritual destiny.