Crown of Serenity 寧靜之冠

Living Tree Orchid Essences

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單方學名:Bulbophyllum eberhardtii 豆蘭

*15mL 滴瓶

Calming, and clarifying of one's Intention. This essence invites one in to a high inner alignment of one's energies. Eases tensions held in the 8th chakra, freeing mental energies for more focused attention. This essence will be of greatest benefit to those who have already worked with a number of the other orchid essences in the range, as it builds energetically upon the foundations they have helped to create.

A significant impact is felt initially in sleep after taking this essence, with tensions eased by the deeper dream-state and the dreamless sleep which Crown of Serenity helps bring about. On a practical level this essence will be a useful aid to studying. At its more profound level it is assisting us with our spiritual evolution, shifting the energetic forms of the subtle body to enable higher energies to be incarnate.