Seed of Life | 7 Chakras  | New Beginning & Growth

Seed of Life | 7 Chakras | New Beginning & Growth

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Crystal and sacred geometry inspired "jewelry for the home" by energy healer Alexandra Andersen  

Tapping into her innate sensitivities, and drawing on her background in Reiki and esoteric studies, Alex meditates on themes such as love, abundance, and transformation and intuitively channels her designs. 

Genuine crystals, Feng Shui prisms, and 18k gold-plated sacred geometry symbols are combined to create specific healing vibrations and aid the manifestation process. 

Keeping the energetic properties of each element in mind, Vibe Catchers are hand-crafted to elevate and correct the flow of chi - the life force - of your sacred space. 

Vibe Catchers may be placed anywhere you wish to bring good energy but have optional Feng Shui placements. To maximize your results, keep your vibe in its corresponding Feng Shui corner, cleanse often, and connect with it regularly by using it as a visual reminder of the life and circumstances you are calling in.

Each Vibe Catcher comes with a Bagua map to help you identify the best positions in your space. 

Sacred Geometry 

Seed of Life - represents planting the seed for new beginning and growth

Chakra and Stones

Crown  - Amethyst  紫水晶 - for spiritual connection and deepening meditation

Brow - Lapis Lazuli  青金石 - for opening the third eye and enhancing intuition 

Throat - Blue Lace Agate 藍紋瑪瑙- for soothing worries and assisting communications

Heart - Green Aventurine 砂金石- to open and bring healing to the heart 

Solar Plexus - Yellow Calcite  黃色方解石 - to invigorate confidence and personal power

Sacral - Orange Aventurine 砂金石 - to light you up and bring vitality

Base - Carnelian 紅玉髓 - for removing fears and bringing strength

Clear Quartz 白水晶 - to amplify the other stones, bring clarify of intention while aiding manifestation 

size: 10cm x 28cm

The Do's: 

- cleanse regularly with your preferred method (sacred smoke, white light visualizations, bells, singing bowls, Reiki, etc.) 

- detangle the strands as needed 

- promptly wipe any fingerprints after handling to avoid damaging the delicate gold-plated surfaces (a microfiber cloth is best) 

- hang from ceiling hooks, secured nails, or reusable 'Command Hooks' with sticky backs (best for lighter/smaller vibes) 

- use as a visualization and manifestation tool to call in your best life

The Dont's: 

- keep away from water and high humidity to preserve the integrity of the gold-plating 

- do not leave outside 

- avoid hanging in windy areas 

- keep out of reach of small children and animals 

- be mindful of hanging overhead where it may fall or cause injury