Blooming Cat Oracle

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Blooming Cat Oracle is a 50-card cat and flower themed oracle deck featuring magical feline friends of all varieties and colors. The cards have silver gilt edging and come in a two-piece rigid box, includes a guide book. This deck was designed to help gain insight and encourage self-exploration with the help of positive guidance, affirmations, a soothing color palette and cats that will make you smile.

This deck can be used alone or with tarot cards. Jen, the designer, added an extra layer for fellow tarot enthusiasts, the first 22 cards correspond to the major arcana of the tarot. Use this deck for traditional spreads or as a daily guide by pulling one card to meditate on, focus on the whole card or just the keyword. Pull a card anytime you need insight, guidance or an affirmation from the Blooming Cat oracles. Use the deck with the guidebook for extra inspiration, a full page is dedicated to each card! 

DECK Details:
-Cards measure 3.5"x5" (larger than standard size tarot cards)
-350gsm Heavy Cardstock with semi-matte finish.
-Silver Gilt Card Edges
-Rigid Two-Piece Box
-Includes a 3.5"x5" Perfect Bound Guide Book (a full page for each card with guidance & affirmations!)

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店長介紹文 💁‍♀️
Blooming Cat Oracle Deck 是一副貓奴不能錯過的牌,首先是它很多貓(廢話)、然後是貓隻隻不同十分可愛(廢話)、然後是嘩好多貓呀點抽都咁得意好想成日抽(廢話)。
對了,貓系的 Oracle Deck / 塔羅牌有很多,喜歡貓樣上 IG 大把有得睇,但為什麼 Blooming Cat 這一副值得被擁有呢,我覺得呀,是作者在創作的時候,有從使用者角度思考這件事。
譬如有些卡是這樣的,就是純粹藝術角度,喜歡貓畫很多貓就成了一副牌,這沒什麼不對,尤其對牌卡 collector 來說,夠靚就好。
Blooming Cat Oracle Deck 呢,公仔夠得意了、印刷也高質、紙也揀得好,但我欣賞它沒有停在這些 – 為了給使用者多一點解讀,全副牌 50 張,每張一隻單字、單行短解,翻 guidebook,再送一句「名人金句」,最後提供一句 affirmation,還提醒你 "say the phrase below loud 5 times"。
把顏值捽到五粒星星了,但一副牌的最始和最終,還是要給使用者一點 insight、一些力量吧,這一點作者沒有忘記。
我喜歡用它 start my day – 譬如呢,我是 YT channel yoga with kassandra 的粉絲,她的 yoga exercise 常常叫人想一個字,把它成為你 word of the day,然後我 word of the day 總是很乏味(不是 happy,就是 productive) ,有了這副牌,我就去抽牌攞 keyword,配合 affirmative,self yoga practice 變完整了。