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Blackberry 花精有助推進事情、紥根,落實想去。這花精使人充滿活力,能夠堅持信念,促進更多成果。也適合經常旅行、出差的族群,幫助接地。

- 你發現你想法很多但無法推進嗎?

- 你不敢大聲宣稱對你而言重要的事嗎 ?

- 你感到事情有不妥,但充滿無力感?

Blackberry flower essence is for pushing forward in life and for grounding your ideas into reality. This energising flower essence helps you stand up for what you believe in and to be able to be more fruitful.

~Do you have lots of ideas but don’t get on with any of them ?

~Do you find it difficult to speak up about things that are important to you ?

~Are you certain that something is wrong but feel powerless to do anything about it ?

This essence is also in Focus, Energise & Create blend. 

“Such energy and vigour and determination.... Blackberry has s very grounded energy - it's speciality is rooting from its tips when the stems touch the ground....continually growing and gaining ground...
Using it as a flower essence helps us to be able to be grounded and energised wherever we allows us to have 'feet in both camps' be fruitful and determined wherever we land ..
Writing this has made me wonder if it would be good for jet lag - to be both here and there at the same time. It is certainly good for people who are moving house or have several homes.” notes from Saskia 

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店長介紹文 💁‍♀️
永遠不要小看舟車勞頓對人體的耗損,平時搭車返工尚要時間回魂,不要說去旅行。Blackberry 是 Saskia 推介讓人在「移動中著地」的花精,特別適合行程接行程、 jet lag、搬屋、老是「頻頻能能人」士,幫助人快速回到當下、叉電、保持活力 sharp 醒。