Maternal Connection ( also named Baby Blues)

Maternal Connection ( also named Baby Blues)

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yes 適應生活各方面的巨變 

yes 為創作週期後,感到滿足充實 

yes 樂在當下,充滿自信與衝勁 




用法: 每天3次,每次7滴,滴於舌下。一瓶可用3-4周。



Support for emotional highs and lows after the birth 

yes Adapting to radical change in every aspect of your life 

yes Enriched by a sense of purpose after the achievement of a creative cycle 

yes Feeling confident, motivated and happy in the present moment 

Post-achievement blues 

Low self esteem and lack of confidence 

Anti-climax following the attainment of a goal

Dose directions: 7 drops under the tongue, 3 times per day. Each bottle lasts for 3 to 4 weeks. 

Baby Blues is made by combining flower essences of Ancient Yew, Balsam, Gorse, Holy Thorn, Scottish Primrose, Sea Rocket, Snowdrop and Wintergreen.