' A Year of Coming Home ' Guided Self-Love Journal

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A Year of Coming Home 是一本導引式的週間日記,幫助你放慢、滋養和覺醒。




Intro Guide 提供溫和的建議,幫助您充分利用這本日記,提升經驗

No set-dates 不設年份及日期,你可隨時開始使用

Weekly Spreads 週間頁面,讓你設定目標,練習感恩與自愛

Daily Spread 每日頁面,提供温馨小提示,包括肯定語、To Do、目標、愛的行動

Weekly Inspiration 每週啟發,包括冥想、慢儀式、自省提示或填色頁

Weekly Reflection Pages 每週自我觀照小提示

Weekly Proses or Affirmations 每週短句或肯定語

Monthly Self Expression Pages 儘情書寫、繪畫、發夢⋯⋯

Yearly Reflection Pages 一年總結,摘錄你最喜愛的時刻,你學到什麼、你的目標、夢想,來年展望

A Space for Notes 空白頁


  • 自我療癒覺醒
  • 表達真我
  • 學習喜樂
  • 接納及愛惜身體
  • 鞏固關係
  • 擁抱創意
  • 去生命保持開放
  • 與不舒服共處
  • 擁抱轉變
  • 練習愛的存在


  • A5 呎吋
  • 硬皮封面
  • 絲帶書簽
  • 280 頁、順滑紙質
  • 大豆墨印刷
  • 封面及書脊鍍金

A Year of Coming Home is a guided weekly journal that inspires slowing down and self-care to awaken your spirit.

Let this journal hold you exactly as you are. Let it slowly guide you to come home to this moment, come home to your body, and come home to the love that is alive within you. Let your beautiful journey begin... 

Intro Guide with gentle suggestions to help you get the most out of your journal experience. 

No set-dates so you can come and go as you like.

Weekly Spreads to set meaningful intentions and goals, practice gratitude and prioritise self-love.

Daily Spread for whatever inspires you each week: Affirmations, To-Do's, Goals, Loving Actions...

Weekly Inspiration A weekly page with a meditation, slow ritual, self-reflection prompts or colouring page.

Weekly Reflection Pages with prompts that change each week.

Weekly Prose or Affirmation written by Musings from the Moon 

Monthly Self Expression Pages where you can write, draw, dream, unravel...

Yearly Reflection Pages to explore your favourite moments and what you've learnt as well as your goals, dreams and intentions for the following year.

A Space for Notes at the back. 

Weekly Activity Themes

  • Awakening Inner Healing
  • Expressing Your True Self 
  • Cultivating Joy and Fun
  • Body Love and Acceptance
  • Strengthening Relationships
  • Embracing Creativity
  • Opening to Life
  • Making Peace with Discomfort
  • Embracing Change
  • Practicing Loving Presence


- A5 Journal

- Hard Cover

- Satin Bookmark Ribbon

- 280 Smooth, creamy inside pages

- Beautiful, long lasting quality

- Gold Foil Detail on Cover and Spine

- Printed with Soy Ink