Positivitea FAQ

Where Does Tea Come From?

All tea – white, green and black – comes from the same plant, the Camellia Sinensis bush. The difference lies in the processing, white tea is the first two buds of the tea plant, green is slightly oxidised (i.e laid out in the sun to dry) and black is highly oxidised.


What Is The Caffeine Content Of The Teas?

All teas from Camellia Sinensis naturally contain caffeine in varying amounts, depending upon a number of factors, in particular, where it is grown and how it is brewed. Typically the caffeine content of an average cup of tea will vary from between 30 – 75mg. Most, but not all, herbal teas are naturally caffeine-free. 

Our caffeine-free blends are: THRIVE, ACHIEVE, INSPIRE and CONNECT.

Our blend CREATE contains Cocoa which contains only a minimal amount of caffeine, so depending on your tolerance, you might be able to drink it :)

ACHIEVE contains Mateine in its Yerba Mate content.  Mateine is a close relative of caffeine, but the way that it interacts with your body is completely different. It doesn’t give you the common jitters familiar to coffee drinkers or indeed the crash, but stimulates and nourishes the body at the same time due to its wide array of nutrients and phytonutrients.


Do You Use Artificial Flavours In Any Of Your Teas?

We only ever use natural flavours. Never any nasties.


Is Tea Safe To Drink During Pregnancy And Breast-Feeding?

We recommend to avoid THRIVE (root chakra) due to the Ashwagandha, and Inspire (throat chakra) due to the Liquorice, during pregnancy.

There shouldn't be any issue with drinking the other blends, although we also advise you to consult your GP if you have any concerns about drinking teas or infusions during pregnancy or whilst breast-feeding.


Is There Any Sugar In Your Teas?

Our blend THRIVE contains less than 1% of sugar that comes from the coating of the pineapple pieces.  We are working on adjusting the flavour slightly to counteract this. All the others are sugar free.


Are Positivitea Teas Vegetarian Or Vegan?

All our blends are vegetarian and vegan.


Is Positivitea Organic?

We select our teas based on taste, variety and quality. If we can find an organic tea that matches our high quality standards then we will try and use that tea. To maintain these standards we have to source teas from lots of different growers and as much as possible our ingredients are organic but we cannot claim that they are 100% organic. An organic certification is desirable but not always realistic, especially for some of our small farmers who quite simply cannot afford the costly application process required.


Is Positivitea Fairtrade?

The best quality teas aren't necessarily Fairtrade. We pay a premium price for our teas, sourced from quality estates which have a sustainable business model. Our experienced tea blender personally visits all the plantations we source the wide variety of high quality ingredients from to assure the working conditions are satisfactory or above average.


 Are Our Tea Bags Biodegradeable?

Yes, our tea bags are made from a by-product of GMO-free corn-starch which is biodegradeable. In the best possible conditions (that's in a big industrial composter) it will break down within 6-8 weeks, but at home it can take around 2-3 years. Therefore we do recommend recycling the bags with your local food waste just to avoid finding lots of tea bags around your garden!

The tea bag strings are made from 100% organic, non-GMO, un-bleached cotton.