Energy Shield Essence & Mist Duo

Energy Shield Essence & Mist Duo

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Energy Shield Essence & Mist Duo contains 1 x 50ml Sacred Energy Room Mist and 1 x 30ml Energy Shield Combination Essence.

Sacred Energy Shielding Room Mist is a shielding mist we use to feel safe and protected. Energy Shield Combination Essence is for protecting yourself from energy that may affect you detrimentally whether that be from other people or certain situations.

The mist and essence used together create a powerful duo effect.

Energy Shield can:-

  • be effective for very empathetic people who soak up the mood and feelings of others around them
  • reduce vulnerability to other people’s emotions
  • create a shield to preserve your own energy
  • be useful in busy work places
  • foster a sense of inner peace and strengthen inner defences
  • be effective in supporting the solar plexus chakra associated with personality and power