Strength and Support - for when you need hope

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🏆 2021 The Beauty Shortlist Wellbeing Awards Winner - Best Flower Essence Blend - For chronic stress and mental depletion 🏆


This award winning blend is for those times when you feel you are about to fall into a dark abyss, are suffering from dark thoughts and can’t find a way out of where you are.

For long standing issues of feeling down and miserable, recovering from long term stress and overwhelm Strength and Support can be taken twice daily for several weeks or just when you are going through a low patch.

All essences are completely safe to take whilst using medication as they work on an energetic rather than a physical level and contain no material matter.

Wild Garlic  - support from the Universe
Bluebell- brings courage
Pine- feeling the strength gained from life’s experiences
Twayblade- brings a feeling of it being safe to fall, you will be OK
Evening Primrose- a light in the darkness
White Chestnut- for unwanted repetitious thoughts
Cherry Plum- soft calmness
Rock Rose- helps stop feeling afraid and panicky
Borage - feeling you can cope with everything life throws at you
Gorse - brings in the light
Beech - for strength and communication

Size: 30mL 

Vodka based.