Spiritual Marriage

Spiritual Marriage

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yes 平衡男性與女性能量,擴展創意潛能 

yes 結合內在智慧(陰)與行動技巧(陽) 

yes 調和陰陽能量,覺察美與和諧 








Balancing masculine and feminine

yes balance male and female energies to expand your potential for creative engagement 

yes inner union of wisdom (feminine) and skilful action (masculine) 

yes realise beauty and harmony by unifying opposing inner forces 

  need for connection and balance of your emotional and mental life 

  discord between your heartfelt convictions and logical thinking

 self-repeating internal conflict between polarised parts of you

Dose directions: 7 drops under the tongue, 3 times per day. Each bottle lasts for 3 to 4 weeks

Spiritual Marriage is made by combining flower essences of Apple, Elecampane, Holy Thorn, Mallow and Sea Pink. 

Apple - cultivate an open attitude and willing body and mind

Holy Thorn - open your heart and reveal you true self

Mallow - right relationship through harmonisation of head and heart, mind and feeling

Sea Pink- balance and harmonise the energy flow between opposites

Elecampane - open and receptive; connect and communication