Soul Landscape Oracle Deck

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The Soul Landscapes oracle deck is a 44 card deck and guide book with channeled illustrations and messages. This is  Susana Tavares's fist original deck, ​all images and messages were created by Susana Tavares.​

This deck is the product of her intuitive art practice and soul writing. Each card brings a unique frequency translated into watercolor images and words.


These oracle cards are to be used in an intuitive way, to receive  guidance and insights wherever you need it. Just center yourself, make a question and shuffle the cards to get your answer.

​The Soul Landscapes oracle cards is a journey within, to explore the higher realms of the soul and the inner wisdom. May you use it as a tool to deepen the connection with your soul and receive the guidance you need in each moment.

​Includes many different energies of the Earth and nature, higher realms of the soul and universe. Including fairies, trees, flowers, spirit animals, ocean, spirit guides and more.

Size: 9 x 12.5cm  /  3.5 x 4.9"