Revelation 啟示(大幸運水)

Revelation 啟示(大幸運水)

Living Tree Orchid Essences

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這個複方的前身是 Positive Flow (正向之流) 複方花精,是要回應全球經濟衰退的大環境,因此蘭花花精中心又調製出 Revelation 複方花精。


此時個人與社會的關係需要檢視一下,這是連接人我之間的乙太網絡變得黯淡無光的原因。Revelation 複方花精可幫助人開啟並活化乙太網絡的通衢,讓人能夠超越以自我(ego)為圭臬的言行舉止,帶來靈魂此生目的清晰感。



15ml 滴瓶,含花精和干邑白蘭地來保存。

用法:口服,每天一至兩次,每次 3 滴。

This combination grew out of reflections on the limits of Positive Flow within the context of the global recession of the past 5 years. Attempting to attract abundance is simply not sufficient in these challenging times. Circumstances in Japan, two years on from the destructive tsunami, echo the psychological and spiritual challenges that the recession has brought to the fore: a sense of despondency, and of not being able to move forward out of the general morass. It is in this context that Revelation has been borne.

It would appear that in this situation, the relationship between ourselves and society needs to be examined. It is not simply that one can become stuck in a somewhat depressed outlook, but that the etheric network linking us to one another can itself grow dim. Revelation helps to open up those network paths, and revitalize them; it also brings clarity of the soul’s purpose, beyond the actions dependent on the ego. It releases the stresses we can succumb to in these times of larger societal challenges and restrictions. Revelation renews our hope for the future, and provides the energy and momentum to shift into a new state of mind, wherein one has the get up and go to accomplish that which is needed.

Note: this combination also contains an essence called "Achord", which is a tonal essence for the 7 chakras made by our colleague Dr. Adrian Brito-Babapulle. This essence appears to act as a "carrier matrix" for the orchids. Further information on Achord is available upon request.