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You are invited to join our CUTENESS ACTIVATED SPIRITUAL COMMUNITY. Take advantage of the cuteness + tarot power combo of the Playful Heart! Open up the most fun and easiest portal to access brand new aha-moments, insights, joy, creativity, ideas, spiritual connection and friendships across the world. Let’s join hearts and pawses to create more fulfillment and more cloud nine locations in our own heart spaces + on the planet. The Playful Heart Tarot is your essential cute spirituality tool. THANK YOU! Much tarot love, super kitty hugs, miracle doves, neon pink foxgloves with ladybugs!


The deck features 78 full-color, fully illustrated cards PLUS SIX special edition BONUS CARDS printed on sturdy, yet flexible 340 gsm black core PLAYING CARD STOCK with micro linen finish. This card stock/texture is the most luxurious and heavy-duty available and it makes shuffling a super-efficient sensory pleasure. If you like butter, you will like shuffling this deck! The cards will stand up to and will easily bear with any kind of intense shuffling. My deck even survived getting doused in hot tea (kitten jumping on the table, knocking over tea situation) with no visible trace of harm. The cards are 75 x 130 mm (2.95” x 5.11”)(a tiny bit larger than the standard tarot card size) and will come packed in a gorgeous rainbow-foil-kissed tuck box, sealed with a GREEN special message stamp plus two secret messages printed on the top and bottom flaps. The artwork reproduction on the cards is excellent, even the smallest details show up clearly. 


The printed booklet is 5”x 7” easy to handle and read size. It is available in the shop with the deck or a’la carte, or you can download it as a PDF. See link below. The PDF is 12 (letter size) pages if printed double- sided. Written in a playful, tongue-in-cheek voice, it will help you understand my imagery and my ideas about the cards. It also includes general tarot tips for newbies, tarot spells, and new creative ideas about all the cards for everyone. Each card has an “In a Pickle” section that shows how the card energies might be misbehaving in your life—whether you read reversals or not.


Rekindle your tarot joy!!!

The cheerful, expressive characters of the Playful Heart Tarot make accessing your intuition so easy.  Ask them ANY question and surprise yourself with the answer! With these brilliantly colored cards and their cheerful characters, you can relax, PLAY, pretend! Have fun, make it light! You’ll find your readings will be effortless fun! 

Experience shuffling a deck with micro linen, professional card finish. It is sensory yum! See closeups of the texture below.


七彩蝦條 Playful Heart Tarot