Peruvian ~ Tasting the Sweetness of our Dynamic Passion [ RELATIONSHIPS | 關係 ]

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Peruvian 讓你追溯您的祖先根源,從而為駕馭過去、現在和未來奠定堅實的基礎,締造和諧幸福的時刻。這支噴霧為你在所有關係之中打開感恩之心,軟化情緒,促進適應性態度,允許一個人擁抱部落家庭中的自我之鏡。

指導屬性  關係

  • 與部落科學的智慧結合
  • 掌握對於相對性的直覺技能,從而激活你的親密圈子
  • 挖掘自己的薩滿秘密,實踐於日常儀式之中
  • 錨定以心為基礎的情感軸心,由此通往感覺的療癒場- 
  • 它是印加 Equinox flower(彼岸花)的嗅覺代表,為女性激情之花

圖騰  蜂鳥

  • 精力充沛、足智多謀
  • 永恆臨在
  • 堅持
  • 希望和歡樂

香氣 溫暖的蜂蜜花香讓人回到自我,而佛手柑和玫瑰的柔軟幫助我們在生命奧秘中流暢移動

PureHeart Alchemy 創作筆記

「我們 ❤️ 將 Peruvian 帶到花園......所有噴霧似乎都吸引花蜜愛好者(鳥類和蜜蜂) - 然而 Peruvian 甜美溫暖的蜂蜜香氣特別可口,讓我們更親近大自然並享受這種關係。」


愛、野生泉水、生物動力花卉和寶石精華、有機伏特加、有機增溶劑(椰子和杏仁)、精油、24K 單原子金、強化水晶






* 注意:懷孕期間應謹慎使用,使用精油前請諮詢你的健康顧問

Peruvian allows you to trace your ancestral roots in order to generate a solid foundation for navigating past, present and future, as one moment of harmonic bliss. This Myst opens the heart of gratitude within all of your relationships. This scent softens emotions and generates an adaptogenic attitude, allowing one to embrace the Mirror-of-Self within the tribal family.


  • Aligning with the wisdom of tribal science
  • Mastering intuitive skills of relativity, thereby activating your intimate circles of earthly influence
  • Unearths ones own shamanic secrets to be utilized in our everyday ritual practices 
  • Anchors the axis of Heart-based affection as it opens us to the healing fields of feeling
  • It is the olfactory representation of the Equinox flower of the Inca, the flower of feminine passion

TOTEM ~ Hummingbird 

  • Energetic resourcefulness
  • Eternal existence
  • Persistence
  • Hope and jubilation

SCENT ~ warm Honey nectar centres oneself in purpose, while the softness of Bergamot and Rose assist us in moving fluidly through life's mystery

A note from PureHeart Alchemy

" We ❤️ to take Peruvian into the garden... all the Mysts seem to attract the nectar lovers (birds and bees) - yet Peruvian's sweet warm honey notes are especially delicious to draw nature in close by our side and relish in the relationship." 


Love, Wild Spring Water, Biodynamic Flower and Gemstone Essences, Organic Vodka, Organic Solubiliser (Coconut and Almond), Essential Oils, 24K Gold Ormus, Potentiated Crystals

Flower Essences
Zygo Orchid ~ Datura ~ Cactus ~ Aztec Lily 

Essential Oils
Rose ~ Myrrh ~ Oak Moss ~ Acacia Honey ~ Black Cherry ~  Black Pepper ~ Patchouli ~ Vanilla

* NOTE: Caution should be used during pregnancy - please seek advice from your health professional before use of essential oils