Morning Glory Flower Essence ~ releasing addictive patterns

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Morning Glory 花精幫助移除一些看似無法更改、但持續影響人生的模式,可能跟你成長、家庭歷史有關。有助釋放過去,修正行為,重獲自由及個人的真相。

- 你有上癮問題嗎?

- 你發現自己無法向任何人傾訴你的苦況?

- 你感到受制於目前情況,苦無出路?

Morning Glory flower essence helps shift patterns that may have been part of your upbringing, or your family history, and are controlling your life and seem impossible to shift. It helps unravel unwanted behaviours and let go of past situations.

~Do you suffer from addictions ?

~Do you find it difficult to talk to anyone about your problems ?

~Can you see no way out of your present situation ?

“ Morning Glory helps free us from family constraints and constrictions. It helps us let go of addictive patterns and behaviours. It brings freedom and energy for us to move forward into our very own story, released from the bonds of the past.... whether that is a generational one, societal one or from our own past.

This is the flower of freedom and personal truth .

Morning Glory also helps us to be able to speak about our problems and issues and patterns and in doing so to release from the power of them.”  notes from Saksia