MODMALA Mala DIY Kit 黑珠/ 燕麥色流蘇

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創作你獨一無二的 Mala 念珠,將你的意念繫進串珠,透過編織 Mala 靜心冥想。

在你串珠的時候,想著你的願望和目標,一邊為串珠打結,一邊將你的意念和自愛織進 Mala 裡面。


每次佩戴你親手製作的 Mala、與它們靜心冥想,你都會記起你許下過的願望。在冥想過程中,由最大的一顆串珠開始,完整地數一個圈,重覆你的肯定語、願望、語句,以任何你喜歡的方式。



DIY Kit 內容:

  • 製作說明書
  • 手工製作的麻繩,Infinity / 蓮花圖案銀吊墜二擇一
  • 112 粒 8 mm 木珠(Mala 需要 108 粒,多 4 粒以備不時之需)



A DIY Mala Making Meditation Kit designed for the journey.

Inside this box are the contents to create your own personalized mala. The act of creating your necklace is its own form of meditation, binding both you to your intentions and the beads.

As you string your beads, think about your goals and aspirations. Consider what these goals look like and feel like.

As you tie knots between beads, you will be connecting your intentions and self-love to the mala. By being present during the process, you may open spaces in yourself to examine challenges that are holding you back from your full potential.

Wearing and meditating with your finished MODMALA will remind you of those goals and intentions that you set while making your necklace. 

During meditation, start with the guru bead, work your way around the mala stopping at each bead and repeating your mantra, wish, word, phrase, whatever feels right.

Enjoy the process; it is always about the journey and not the destination.

Included in this kit:

  • Instructions
  • Assembled, handmade hemp tassel with charm & guru bead, on a hemp cord
  • 112 8mm wood beads (You will only need 108 but we added some extra just in case)

Hemp is used for sustainability. The wood beads can be used to diffuse your favorite essential oils and will naturally start to pick up the oils from your skin, making the mala even more a part of you.