Laughing Butterflies 微笑蝴蝶

Laughing Butterflies 微笑蝴蝶

Living Tree Orchid Essences

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這個花精就像好萊塢老牌明星 Ginger Rogers 和 Fred Astaire 在彼此懷抱中旋轉共舞,舞進太陽神經叢。這個花精可幫助眉心輪、喉輪與雙眼的能量。

單方學名:Laelia anceps 蕾麗雅蘭,原生於墨西哥與瓜地馬拉

15mL 滴瓶

This essence is very playful, very forgiving, a large belly laugh from the happy Buddha. Leave your troubles behind, effortlessly and smoothly swirling away. Excellent for anyone who is prone to take themselves too seriously or for those who feel emotionally stuck. Laughing butterflies enters into the solar plexus like two people dancing together in perfect harmony. Think of Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire spiralling across the floor in each other's arms. Affects the brow and throat chakras, as well as the eyes.